Menu of solid foods for each stage

Weaning is the period of additional nutrients in food for infants, breast milk substitutes and infant formula. Because when they grow up, children need more energy to operate that each feed baby’s stomach holds only a certain amount of milk. Typically, mothers begin complementary feeding in the period from 4-6 years old.

When are they ready to eat solid foods?

Depending on the characteristics and state of development, different nutritional needs of each child whose mother timing appropriate complementary feeding. In general, children should begin feeding in the period from 4-6 months of age, when the following signs:

  • Or waking up at night feeding doubtful
  • After breastfeeding baby is still crying and asking for more breastfeeding
  • Seems hungry after breastfeeding after 8-10 or drink about 1 liter of formula milk in a day
  • Babies show interest in food and want to take the food of adults
  • Can I use the tongue to move food from the front to back of the mouth?
  • The stage for solid foods

Stage 1: From 4-6 months

This was a period of rapid development baby, was able to sit up and move more. When you can think of collective feeding solids, get acquainted with the more solid foods in addition to breast milk to develop jaw muscles, help them adapt to the new dishes and flavors.

At this stage, you should only choose foods that taste is soft and finely grind finely. You can start with the menu mix and milk powder daily to reduce your baby’s taste; to help children not picky.

Menu of solid food for 4-6 months for young children:

  • Potatoes, pumpkin, carrots and cooked crushed
  • Ripe pear puree
  • Mix the cereal with 4-5 teaspoons of breast milk or formula milk made into soup
  • Cultivated cereal or pureed foods mixed with breast milk or formula, twice / day.

Stage 2: From 6-10 months

This is the time of operation of the blade has been activated; food is crushed by the tongue and chin. So mothers can increase the hardness of food fortification and iron. During this period, the standard 1 day 5-6 times as breastfeeding, complementary foods 3 times.

Solid food menu for children from 6 – 10 months

  • A small amount of protein-rich foods (eggs, minced meat, poultry, fish bones, tofu, peas, black beans).
  • Green peas, lentils, mixed with powdered milk or yogurt
  • Mashed fruit
  • Soft tofu, yogurt, cheese
  • Brown chicken or lean meat thoroughly grind
  • Pure fruit juice (orange or strawberry drink water)

Stage 3: From 11 – 15 months

This time, the baby grows very fast, teeth and can chew food; you can start feeding your baby porridge. The hardness of solid food at a little more than the previous period, the standard is the hardness of the meatballs. However, he can only eat gruel and basically cook light meals

Solid food menu for children from 11 – 15 months

  • Meat and cooked vegetables, chopped instead puree
  • Get familiar with the soft food: noodles, noodle, pasta, so forth and so on
  • The iron-rich grains.
  • Fruit puree or peeled and cut into cubes.
  • Foods high in protein
  • Food for baby to eat by hands

Note the menu for solid foods

In any stage of weaning period, your baby’s meals to ensure quality 4 main groups: starches; vegetables and fruits; protein; vegetable oil.

Besides, the mother should also be aware of is the nutrition of milk cannot replace children as children, provide more calcium. You need to give milk every day, cannot replace milk with other foods.

In addition, during the processing of food for your baby, the mother should pay attention regularly changing the menu and choose to avoid boring fresh food at the grocery store clean.

Use cooking oil when cooking micronutrients help provide more essential nutrients for children. One of the cooking oil to mothers believes the baby has currently used cooking oil micro-nutrient supplements. This edible oil supplementation of micronutrients beta-carotene, vitamin E, omega 3,6,9 supplements, nutritional needs to help children’s brain development, good for the eyes, skin and heart.

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