What are the best solid foods for your baby?

Children 6 months of age than breast milk needed nutritional supplements through the solid food. But to select a menu for the best solid foods is not yet the well-known the mother. The mother can refer to selecting and processing solid food menu for the following 6 months old baby

According to nutrition experts, children from 4-5 months of age can begin feeding, but at this stage, many nursing infant breast milk should just let their children eat some fruits and vegetables. By October 6th, the baby’s digestive system developed over the child’s mother can eat more meat, rice, fish – Adding to the menu of your baby solid food proteins, starches.

Note that when choosing meat, the fish parent should choose lean meat, white fish, feeding fish before the fish meat as softer. Vegetables, tubers mother feeding her before. Let her eat each vegetable separately continuously for 2-3 days to monitor whether your child has to eat or have an allergy to vegetables there.

Fish processing, the mother should get water before boiling, then filtered meat, fish through the mesh sieve and mixed with boiling water, add a little flour dissolved in water and then mixed in the fish bowl, then boil for Rematch. Also boiled meat, puree used mortars, then sieve and fish processing. In this way, the baby will get used to the food raw.

As for vegetables, the mother should be steamed for nine before then pulverization if special too, then add a little water to make swallowing easier for your baby.

The schedules of baby’s solid foods

About your baby’s weaning schedule, with babies in 4-5 months old, mother should feed only 1 kind per meal a day. As for children 6 months of age may be increased maternal 1 day 2 meals. Lunch should be to the menu is meat; fish, vegetables and afternoon snack are also complementary feeding fruit. She remained for the dairy meal as usual.

How to prepare the solid food menu

Prepare baby’s solid foods:

In my spare time, she can prepare before the baby food. These categories include chicken, beef, pork, eel, shrimp, fish …). Preliminary processing of the following ways:

With meats such as beef, pork, birds, first without the skin, tendons then minced.

Fish, eel after cleaning will de-bone, peeled shrimp are then chopped

After preliminary processing of each type of food, they will be stored in separate little boxes and put in the freezer, can reserve the whole week eating.

As for vegetables, fruit fresh to ensure the mother should be eating everyday foods accordance with the family’s meals.

Steps of making porridge for baby’s solid foods

To save time and still have a delicious pot of soup for you, I can cook white rice porridge the night before by the rice and water in the pot, usually 3-4 times the water volume of rice, (mother to cook special a little, if necessary diluted with additional institutional hot water.) On Cook button and wait for 15p to a boil, then switch to warm button, able to power on all night, the next morning the mother will have a medium pot of white porridge which is soft and still delicious.

In the morning before work, she just won 15-20p to prepare baby solid food menu. Step by step as follows:

Step 1: Take the food in the freezer above prepared in a pan, pour water over. Give up nine foods Stove

Step 2: While waiting for your food is ready, mother preparing vegetables Status. Particularly with long fruits and vegetables should be peeled mother entered sliced and security along with porridge the night before.

Step 3: The food was cooked after the clot is often being in the freezer, she picked out and small beams, retain water for use when cooking porridge

Step 4: Feed the small dip and vegetables have been cleaned, she put them in the porridge was cooked last night, then add boiling water and stir. If the porridge is concentrated, mother can add hot water mode to ensure the easiest to eat baby

Step 5: Add a little oil, fish sauce (cooking oil type feeding solids), stirred, and poured out to taste the dishes, cold porridge that can wait for the baby to eat.

If the home you are eating porridge milled in step 2 for all mothers just plain porridge, meat and vegetables into a blender and puree well born and boil sauce seasoning and cooking oil that is.

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