How to make your newborn baby sleep all night

 Babies are nice. In fact, they are such a blessing both to the new parents and the entire family. When babies are born, people celebrate the additions to the family, but taking care of a new born baby can be a daunting task to a new mother, especially when it comes to making them to sleep the whole night. The first few weeks are always the worst as the baby cries throughout the night.

If you are a first time mum, you will probably get all kinds of advices on how to, make your baby sleep. Everyone is trying to make you to do what they did and it can be tricky. The truth is that not all the advices are good. Some work, some do not work while others like giving your putting some drops of whiskey in your baby’s bottle is just inhumane. Every parent struggles with babies not being able to sleep at night and here is how you can make the little angels sleep all night.

Bedtime schedule – be consistent

The only best way to train a baby is to have a schedule. Babies, just like children learn better with schedules. You need to have a bedtime schedule that your baby will get used to with time. For example, if you decide to be putting your baby to bed at 7:30 pm, let there be a consistency. This way you won’t be struggling to get them to sleep, when bedtime comes they will easily fall asleep.

Consistent bedtime routine

Having a consistent bedtime routine is one way of making your baby sleep easily. You may decide to be reading a book every bedtime, sing a lullaby song to them or wash them before putting them to bed. Whatever you decide to do, you need to ensure that you do it every day at the same time. Babies love routine and this will help them to sleep all night, only waking up whenever they need to feed. Remember, they need to feed every 2-3 hours.

Have a feeding schedule

One of the reasons why babies cry a lot is because they are hungry. Feeding is very important and healthy. They need to be fed well in order to sleep and also grow. Babies are not like grown ups and since they eat very little portions they need to be fed frequently like every 2-3 hours. If feeding is done randomly, then it will be difficult for your baby to go to sleep and sleep for long hours. This is the reason why you need to have a feeding schedule so that with time they know when to expect their food. This way their sleep is not interrupted until it is feeding time.

Putting the baby to bed.

If you ask me, this is the most difficult time for any new parent. Babies learn very first and just after a few weeks after their birth, they are able to exercise their rights. Many babies cry a lot when they are put to bed because they want to remain in the arms of mum for a long time. It is heart breaking to see them cry, but at the same time you cannot carry them all the time. According to doctors, crying is good for them and you are showing you care about them by getting them used to a schedule.

Ventilating Cloth for delicious sleeping
Another things you should consider to help your babies have a nice sleeping is ventilation of their cloth and diaper. Make sure your baby diaper dry and ventilating. This will make your newborn have comfort feeling and therefor help them easy to go into deep sleeping. Change cloth diaper if necessary. You can use the cloth made by cotton – the material is known the best for ventialtion and comfort.

It is not always going to be tears before bed, babies learn to adhere to a routine schedule and with time they get used to the routine and the crying stops. For all these pointers to work there is a need for consistency.

 Final thoughts

Take care baby is one of the most difficult job in the world. Every mommy and daddy have to admit this is really true. Otherwise, this is also a wonderful and great things to do, because all you want to do come from your deep love. How important to see your baby sleep well at night, how is this meaning for you? It is not necessary to say the answer, it’s obviously! Therefore, if you care more about baby nutrition and want to help other parents. Let’s become an expert!

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