How to get your girl’s hair grow longer

The hair of your daughter is her crown of glory (see more on the best hair clippers) and this crown needs to be protected by all means and its beauty enhanced at all cost. This is because to a woman, hair is one of those parts of her natural beauty that makes her look like a “real woman”.

But what can you do to ensure that your baby girl continues to enjoy a longer and healthier natural beauty crown? How can you ensure that your baby’s hair grows with her as she grows taller and bigger? This article has all the answers that will enable you to nurture your daughter’s hair.

Be aware that baby hair is fragile and handle it as such

Just like every other part of her baby, you need to understand that the hair of your little girl is fragile. This is where the journey needs to begin and it is this awareness that will enable you to know how best to use all the other mechanisms to keep that hair healthy and growing.

For instance, the baby’s hair is able to break off due to lying in the crib for a long time. This means that you need to use only styling tools that are gentle enough to handle such a young and delicate crown of beauty and glory. In this regard, you are supposed to use only brushes and combs that are designed for baby’s hair. This will ensure that the scalp from which the hair grows and the hair itself is not damaged in the process of scrubbing and combing.

Dealing with the cradle cap

This is another sensitive area that you need to pay attention to in your honest bid to get your daughter enjoy great hair. You are supposed to deal with this area gently and in case there is any accumulation on it that can hinder the free growth and spreading of your girl’s hair, use recommended oils to soften the cap. This will ensure that your baby’s cap is not exposed to sores and the hair in that area is not removed in the process of trying to clan the cap.

Try castor oil

Castor oil is very rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids and hence it is very effective in promoting natural hair growth. Due to its viscosity, you will be required to mix it with equal amounts of other oils such as coconut and olive. This will make it easier to mix and apply on your baby girl’s hair.


Another way to keep the hair of your little angel flourishing is applying regular cleansing .You need to ensure that you get the best cleansing products that are designed for baby hair and scalp. For you to get the best results, you need to wet the head of the baby before applying the conditioner. In addition, you can use the same formula on the baby’s head every time you are going to swim in pools that are treated with chlorine so as to avoid the breakage of the hair.


Trimming is another practice that you need to engage in but in the right manner if you want your girl to maintain her hair. This means that you need to know the frequency of trimming and the best season to do so. The reason here is that if you do the trimming during seasons such as winter and autumn, the hair will take longer to grow than if you did it in a favorable season such as summer. The reason here is that hair grows faster during summer than it does in other seasons.

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