Pregnancy wedge pillow: All you need to know

Pregnancy pillows come in different types and every single type of pillow comes with its own host of advantages, benefits, disadvantages and features. One of the most common types of pregnancy pillow is the wedge pillow. The wedge pillow is one of the cheapest pregnancy pillows and it is used to support your belly and keep it in the most ideal position so that you can enjoy your rest and sleep.

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This kind of pregnancy pillow allows you to abide with the recommendations of the doctors which require you to sleep on your left side. The reason here is that during your pregnancy, you need it maintain proper circulation because the liver is not subjected to pressure (the liver is on your right side).

However, many women still find it a bit challenging sleeping on their sides because it makes them feel like they are running short of oxygen. In response to the above challenge, most pregnant women opt to sleep on their bellies and backs. It is because of the above challenge that a wedge pillow comes in as a handy option to help you sleep comfortably on your left side. (more…)