The solid food menu for the baby at 6 months

Despite solid foods, the mothers remember not to forget breastfeeding. Because of nature when the child is 6 months old, the child is still in the early stages of weaning and is eating solid food supplements, feeding more food outside to provide additional nutrients needed for growth your baby’s development when breast milk is no longer enough.

You should feed 6-8 meals / day, depending on the child’s dietary needs, with about 500ml of milk needed.

If the case of missing mothers almost no milk or milk for breastfeeding, the infant can eat outside the formula. In order to still ensure adequate feeding milk 500ml / day. It should be noted that in accordance with the formula maker indicated on the packaging. If the child is not a bottle, you can use a spoon to put the baby to drink. Hint menu with powdered infant solid foods (more…)

Solid food menu consultants for 5-month-old infant

Experts recommend that, you should start to add solid foods when the child is 6 months old because at that time, the baby is almost completed the necessary elements. And many people believe that when young children are weaning at the age of 5 months, it is still early. However, depend on the development of each child that the time for mother to start to introduce solid foods to babies will be different. And the menu on your baby solid foods at each stage whereby it carefully, there is a difference. Please refer to the article below (more…)

Best delicious solid food menu for 4-month-old infants

The menu on infant solid foods is not easy, the solid food menu will be more when the babies are 4 months old, the more difficulties and requirements on more knowledge of mother. Because at this stage, the baby’s digestive system is very weak, they are very strange because this is the first time your baby starts to become familiar with food supplements in addition. (more…)